Capitalization Rules

The third edition, published in 1980, was the first to recognize substance abuse and substance dependence as conditions separate from substance abuse alone, bringing in social and cultural factors. Capitation is a fixed sum of money per patient per unit of time paid in advance to the physician for the provision of health care services. If the health plan is doing well financially, the money goes to the doctor; if the health plan is performing poorly, the money is kept to pay for deficit expenses. Health care is a noun, health care is an adjective (eg, legislators are concerned about the price of health care; health care providers are concerned.). These terms, which should be capitalized, have distinct meanings that depend, to a large extent, on individual interpretations and preferences. When it comes to occupation titles, whether or not you capitalize comes back to context.

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  • Until those conversations become mainstream, she’s at least relieved that capitalizing B has become the norm.
  • Land improvements that cost $100,000 or more must be capitalized.
  • All government department names and titles of positions are capitalized because they are considered proper nouns.
  • Similarly, although substance abuse induces many changes to the brain, there is evidence that many of these alterations are reversed following periods of prolonged abstinence.
  • These costs include the cost of the land, title fees, legal fees, survey costs, and zoning fees.
  • Whether we are discussing the nationality, the language or the ethnicity, the word “English” should always be capitalized.
  • Also use a capital letter when you’re directly addressing a person by their title without using their name, as in We need the paper, Senator.

The convention of capitalizing black has been an appropriate in-group style within the popular black press in the United States. However, the sweeping standardization of uppercase black style in mainstream media has the unintended effect of fortifying categorical conceptions of race. That fortification has racializing repercussions throughout society, including the increased capitalization of white.

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You might choose to do so as a form of reverential capitalization , but that would be unusual in modern writing, and most style guides would advise against it. I expect that you’ll find many people who do capitalize “End Times” on this basis, but you may want to check your style guide if you’re using one. There is some room for flexibility, though, in a creative writing context. Thus, if you’re worried about the ambiguity of “sister” in parts of the story and it isn’t clear which you mean from the context, it might make sense to capitalize “Sister” and “Sisters” when referring to nuns. The key will be making sure to apply the capitalization consistently. Also, it’s important to note whether the publication you are writing about actually considers “the” to be part of the name.

When Not To Capitalize

From your previous response, it sounds like they should capitalise the names in the course syllabus and other official lists/documents, but the report card comments they wouldn’t be. Right now, they have Data Management, Geometry, Problem Solving, etc. all capitalised and it looks a little weird to me. In the case of words derived from proper names, capitalisation is essentially a matter of convention, but in most cases you would maintain the capital. This is true of ‘Brownian motion’, where the standard is to capitalise it.

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Consider carefully if all capitals is the right choice. NO ONE LIKES BEING SHOUTED AT. That’s the risk you run by using this style. This is the style that Google uses in just about everything they write. They want to be approachable and clear in their communications, which is likely why they use this style. Remember to capitalize short verbs like is, to be, was, etc. Divide the annual real estate tax expense by 12 to get the monthly expense amount.

Is President Ap Style Capitalized?

So as you work through the list from top to bottom, you can stop when you find the right category, lowercase or capitalize accordingly, and move on. Note that general reference of the academic degree you are talking about, such as doctoral, master’s, or bachelor’s, should not be capitalized. But if you are specific about the degree, then the rule is that it should be capitalized.

Why Is Chess Not Capitalized?

The coin is posting gains of over 10.34% in the last 24 hours, with the coin trading above the 21-day moving. Cost of adjustment to machine to make it operate more efficiently 75,000 Estimated dismantling cost to be incurred as required by contract 65,000 What total amount should be capitalized as cost if the machine? 1,150,000 Problem 107 Karla Company acquired a new processing machine.